What are some good free online courses for cloud computing?

Several platforms offer free online courses for cloud computing, providing an excellent opportunity to learn the basics and gain hands-on experience. Here are some reputable platforms with free cloud computing courses:

  1. AWS Training and Certification (Amazon Web Services):
    AWS offers a variety of free online courses through its training and certification platform. These courses cover fundamental AWS services, architecture, security, and more. Visit the AWS Training and Certification website to explore the available free courses.
  2. Google Cloud Training:
    Google Cloud Platform provides free online training resources. You can access introductory courses on Google Cloud services, data engineering, machine learning, and more. Explore free courses on the Google Cloud Training platform.
  3. Microsoft Learn (Azure):
    Microsoft Learn offers free learning paths, modules, and hands-on labs for Microsoft Azure. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you can find Azure fundamentals and advanced topics. Explore free Azure courses on the Microsoft Learn platform.
  4. Coursera:
    While Coursera often charges for certificates, many courses can be audited for free. Look for cloud computing courses from providers like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. You won’t receive a certificate, but you can access the course content. Visit Coursera and search for relevant free courses.
  5. edX:
    Similar to Coursera, edX offers free auditing options for many courses. Explore cloud computing courses from institutions like MIT, Microsoft, and Linux Foundation on the edX platform.
  6. LinkedIn Learning:
    LinkedIn Learning provides a free trial period during which you can access its extensive library. Explore cloud computing courses that cover AWS, Azure, and other related topics. Visit LinkedIn Learning to explore the available courses.
  7. Khan Academy:
    Khan Academy offers a free Introduction to Cloud Computing course. While it may not be as comprehensive as other platforms, it provides a basic understanding of cloud concepts. Explore the course on the Khan Academy website.
  8. Cloud Academy:
    Cloud Academy offers a limited selection of free courses on cloud computing topics. While they have a subscription model for full access, you can still benefit from the free content. Visit Cloud Academy to explore available free courses.
  9. IBM SkillsBuild:
    IBM SkillsBuild provides free courses on various technology topics, including cloud computing. Explore their catalog to find introductory courses on cloud concepts and IBM Cloud services. Visit IBM SkillsBuild for more information.
  10. FreeCodeCamp:
    FreeCodeCamp offers a free Cloud Computing with AWS course on its platform. It covers AWS basics and provides hands-on labs. Explore the free course on the FreeCodeCamp website.

Remember that while these platforms offer free courses, some may provide certificates or badges upon completion for a fee. Additionally, hands-on practice and real-world application of cloud concepts are crucial for a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing. Take advantage of free trials and cloud platforms’ free tiers to gain practical experience.

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